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Why partner with Omnia?

Do you help customers drive productivity and employee engagement? Do you deliver solutions and services based on Office 365 and SharePoint? Then partnering with Omnia will make perfect sense.

The product will give you a competitive edge when delivering solutions to new or present customers, and when supporting them in developing the digital workplace over time.

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What do you get as a Partner?

Besides getting more satisfied customers delivering solutions based on the best digital workplace product in the market, partnering with Omnia will bring you some important benefits.

Strengthen your offering 

If you are helping organizations to drive productivity by improving their digital workplace based on Office 365, then Omnia will fit perfectly into your offering. 

Build long-term relations

When delivering and supporting solutions on Omnia you will have a great opportunity to build long-term relations as the customer’s trusted advisor and service provider.  

Go with the market interest

Organizations of all sizes are presently showing great interest in digital workplace and intranet in a box-products. Our guess is that your customers already are looking at Omnia. 

Secure a competitive edge

Omnia is the top-ranked product in the comprehensive ClearBox report evaluating Intranet in a box-products. The product was appointed Intranet Choice Europe in both 2018 and 2019. 

What’s in it for you?

As a member of the Omnia Partner Program you will receive benefits such as: 

Business opportunities 

We are committed to finding business opportunities together with our partners and each week we drive activities to spread the word about Omnia. Sharing knowledge on the digital workplace in webinars and whitepapers, meeting future customers at conventions and driving demo’s for organizations about to invest in a more successful digital workplace. Going forward, we wish to drive joint marketing with all our partners – and focus on the activities that works the best in your market.  

Sales training and support 

When partnering with Omnia you will have access to recurring sales training focused on winning new deals. Here you will get the tools for presenting Omnia, comparing the product to the competition and meeting customer requirements. Also, we will support you in sales processes when it comes to demonstrating Omnia, submitting proposals and talking to the customers IT experts. Our aim is to help you get the Omnia deals over the line. 

Implementation training and support

We can also offer training for consultants that will be driving projects and implementing Omnia solutions for customers. Welcome to our two-day courses and to join our two-hour webinars held on a regular basis. There is also plenty of documentation and webcasts that will help you answer questions that might arise in implementation projects or after launch.

Dedicated Product Support

We want our partners to be able to provide long-term support services to their customers and we know that we need to support our partners in doing so. Each of our partners should have a number of skilled Omnia consultants and these will have swift access to our dedicated product support. So when obstacles and questions arise, we will be right there to help you solve them.  

Recurring Revenue

Come join our partner network, use our partner portal and make Omnia a part of your regular offering. We are looking to make every partnership successful and want to turn our collaboration into a strategic partnership. When partnering with Omnia you will be able to win more deals, develop a strong relationship with customers and benefit from a steady, recurring revenue stream.  

What do our partners say? 

Omnia has evolved to become a leader in the Digital Workplace market through its world class performance and rich functionality. It is a perfect complement to our portfolio of products and services.

Ash Turner, Sales Manager

With Omnia we can provide a high value to our customers at a very competitive price. It has an extensive set of features and is easily tailored to the customer requirements.

Felix Schröder, Strategy Team Leader
Hirschtec, Germany

Through Omnia we can provide an even higher value to our customers.

CTG has a great partnership with the Omnia team. Their first-class solution brings digital excellence to our small and large customers, active in both the private and public sector.

Jochen Gyssels, Unit Manager Application Solutions
CTG, Belgium

Felix Schröder, Strategy Team Leader

Hirschtec, Germany

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