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Simplified team collaboration aligned with business needs.

Collaboration drive employee engagement

A common objective for the digital workplace is to drive employee engagement and productivity by giving users the means to interact and collaborate. With Omnia, team collaboration will be simplified and aligned with business needs. Users can now stay on top of what is going on in the various teams and will no longer have to spend time considering when to use what tool. 

Easy creation

Omnia supports the creation of new collaboration teams based on provisioning templates that could cover resources in SharePoint, Planner, Teams, Yammer, etc. 

In this way, users can create new collaborative teams that will be customized to business rules and processes – and won't have to bother with the ever-present question on when to use what tool.  

User-friendly navigation 

The number of collaboration teams will grow over time and this might turn into a challenge for users.

But this can be avoided using enhanced navigation in directory or portfolio format, or the personalized navigation to the teams where a user is active.  

Rich user profiles

We believe that rich user profiles are a success factor for the digital workplace initiative. Relevant information on people will help drive adoption, employee engagement and encourage interaction between peers.

To assist in this area Omnia can present the User Profile Completeness Wizard making it easy to update profiles with information relevant to business requirements.

Enhanced findability

A basic criteria for the digital workplace is to deliver a good people search experience. It must be easy to find colleagues based on experience, skills and abilities – and other important properties.

Omnia can help realize this by using the possibilities for structured handling of competences, but also with a highly customizable search concept. 

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