Omnia consolidates top-rated position in leading intranet report

You can now download the new edition of the ‘Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2022’ report where Omnia has consolidated its position as the top-rated high-value intranet product.

When UK-based ClearBox Consulting published the report ‘Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2022’ earlier this year, Omnia was considered as a top-rated product with the highest value for money. Omnia was also awarded the ‘Intranet Choice Badge’ handed out to the strongest candidates for the shortlist of any organization.

Just recently, a new edition of ‘Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2022’ was released with updated reviews based on new features in the 20 intranet products covered in the report. The ratings for Omnia are up within three scenarios and the new Omnia Express offering emphasizes the product’s competitive pricing.

Since the previous edition of the report, the following new Omnia features are included in the review:

  • An Editorial Dashboard to be the centerpiece in the daily work of communicators, including several sought-after features to make the work of admins/editors more effective. 
  • New and improved features for customers that want to establish a Learning Center with rich functionality for providing and administrating training/courses. 
  • A new concept for Project and Portfolio Management includes visualizing a runnable project model, improved Teams integration, improved project portfolio, and enhanced support project governance. 
  • New and improved analytics include search statistics such as number of queries, top queries, abandoned queries, and no result queries. New look and feel to the customizable analytics dashboard for administrators. 
  • Improved enterprise search setup including a ‘did you mean’ feature. 
  • New connectors include integration with all modern digital signage solutions. Integration with the new Microsoft Stream. 
  • New social conversation feature to support on-premises solutions not using Teams or Yammer.

Anders Fagerlund, Product Offering Lead for Omnia, comments on the updated report:

– The previous review stated that Omnia delivers a fully featured intranet with impressive performance and excellent user experience on all screens. Since the scores now have increased, the case for our product is even stronger. Since the user experience is so important for intranet success, we are happy to see that Omnia gets praise for strong search, navigation, and targeting capabilities. All in all, we are proud to see that Omnia is a top-rated product for the fifth year in a row. 

Download the updated Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2022 using this link.

Please contact us if you want any additional information on what Omnia can do for your organization.

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