Update to Modern SharePoint

In recent years, Microsoft has gradually launched several new services in what is now referred to as Modern SharePoint. Since the modern services in SharePoint can provide major benefits, such as improved performance and integration with Office 365, we hope that you will find this webinar on Modern SharePoint and how to update existing solutions interesting.

At this webinar we will tell you more about:

- What is Modern SharePoint and what benefits does it give?
- What work needs to be done to update to Modern SharePoint and what preparation is required?
- How will Omnia products support Modern SharePoint.

Target audience

This webinar is primarily aimed at organizations that work with Omnia solutions based on Office 365, or Omnia Customers who are currently using SharePoint 2013 or 2016 but who are considering upgrading to SharePoint 2019. We believe the content will suit you who is an intranet manager, intranet administrator, project manager, system owner or working in the IT area.


This webinar is scheduled for February 1st (9:00 am CET). Sign up via the form to the right and you will receive a confirmation with a link to the meeting within 15 minutes. If you haven't received the confirmation email, please check your spam folder.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept registrations from private email addresses (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc.).


This webinar is conducted in English and is free of charge. If you have questions about this webinar you are welcome to contact anders.fagerlund@preciofishbone.se.