Digital Workplace

Turn the fragmented landscape of applications into a unified experience for end-users

The successful digital workplace will turn the fragmented landscape of applications into a unified experience for end-users.

In search for this solution, the intranet might play a major role working as a hub for the tools and resources provided by the organization. But we also expect the digital workplace to cover initiatives regarding structured knowledge sharing, project and portfolio management, controlled documents, solutions for compliance regarding quality and information security and seamless integration with legacy systems.

Handle several solutions

Omnia supports setting up multiple solutions within one tenant, for corporate and subsidiary intranets, management systems for quality or information security, customer and partner portals or whatever need your organization to have. Each solution can have its own branding and navigation structure catering for specific requirements.

Extend and integrate

Omnia comes with an ambitious extensibility framework that will guarantee that your solutions can be customized and integrated with present or future systems. Also, the product holds several ready-made connectors to external services such as Bing Search, Youtube, Pexels image gallery, Trello and Workplace by Facebook.

Implement content policies

A sustainable digital workplace relies on defined rules for the various types of content it holds. Omnia comes with rich functionality for setting up a pattern for layout, languages, life cycle and business logic for important content types such as information pages, news articles and controlled documents.

Uniform Digital Workplace experience

Omnia will make your digital workplace look good on all devices, from mobile phone to the largest info screen, using fully responsive page layouts. If you need to fine-tune the solution, use the device-specific settings that are available on each block in the product.

Omnia is also shipped with a mobile app for Android and iOS to further strengthen the mobile concept, and the possibility to work from any location.

Digital Workplace Performance

If you are not convinced that Omnia is for you, we encourage you to take the Omnia Challenge to compare your time of reaction to the average time for page loads in an Omnia solution.

Don’t keep your end-users waiting, choose Omnia to get the fastest possible digital workplace experience.

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