Intranet Document Management

Implement a document management solution aligned with defined lifecycles and organization-wide policies – document related headache ends here

Effectively handling documents within the digital workplace can be a real challenge. Documents are everywhere, in multiple versions, based on self-made templates, with scarce traceability and no ownership. But with Omnia, you now can implement a document management solution for managing documents aligned with defined lifecycles and organization-wide policies.

Types and templates

Omnia can help you get rid of the gallery of homemade document templates that can be found in many organizations. The product supports centralized handling of document templates and makes it possible to distribute these to wherever end-users create documents. This will make sure that you only have one set of document templates – the official one.

Life cycles

With Omnia you can make sure that important documents are handled in a correct way across the organization and over time. The product will let you create definitions for important types of documents, implementing controlled life cycles with rules regarding properties, approval, pdf conversion, review, archiving and more. Finally, you can give users a more structured experience when it comes to important documents.


By using rollup components in Omnia, it will be easy to gather controlled documents based on type and properties and present to end-users in the right context. It is also possible to subscribe to documents based on properties to be notified whenever new or updated editions are published. 

Omnia will also let you set up customized search scopes to make it even easier for end-users to find the right business critical document. 

Create documents

Omnia includes a wizard helping end-users creating new documents based on official templates. End-users can navigate templates, fill out metadata and choose a location where the document should be saved. So even if you have a large number of templates and properties, the user experience when creating new documents will be straightforward with the Omnia document management solution.

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