Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Intranet: All the best tools for internal communication, collaboration and governance that will support you in delivering a great user experience on all devices


We see the intranet as an approach to drive productivity and employee engagement by making sure that employees know what is going on, have easy access to the information needed for their daily work and means to collaborate and interact with colleagues. 

Omnia Intranet provides tools for targeted internal communication, streamlined collaboration, and governance that will support you in delivering a great user experience on all devices. 

Strong concept for communication 

Omnia Intranet will empower your organization with a strong concept for enterprise communication, catering for both simple and complex publishing scenarios and making sure your co-workers stay updated.

The product comes with features for designing and publishing beautiful web pages, advanced media handling, and enhanced possibilities for targeting content to the right audience.

Omnia as communication tool
Omnia as collaboration tool

Smooth collaboration

Omnia Intranet comes with provisioning templates that will allow you to set up a team collaboration environment orchestrating SharePoint or Microsoft 365 resources to align with your business needs.

End-users will appreciate enhanced and personalized navigation and notification for new and updated content in their teams.

Implement intranet policies

With Omnia Intranet, you can make sure that your policies are implemented across the intranet providing support for the life cycle of web pages, documents, and other content.

Administrators can also monitor user patterns, content life cycles, and applications, using reports and statistics to make better decisions on how to improve the solution.

Omnia as analytics tool
Omnia UX

A great UX

Omnia Intranet delivers an intuitive, personalized, and task-oriented experience for end-users. This is a product that will help you drive adoption and make sure the intranet is well used.

We know that your workforce will appreciate an easy-to-learn, easy-to-understand intranet with a great look and feel on all screens.


If you are not convinced that Omnia Intranet is for you, we encourage you to take the Omnia Challenge to compare your time of reaction to the average time for page loads in an Omnia intranet.

Don’t keep your end-users waiting, choose Omnia to get the fastest possible experience.


Omnia performance

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