Customer Success Program

When you invest in a solution based on Omnia, you get access to our Customer Success Program that covers several important services.

Product information

Eight times a year the Omnia Newsletter is sent out to customer representatives providing information on new features and concepts, upcoming training sessions and events and about a long-term road map. 

Customer representatives will also be invited to join the Omnia Update webinar ahead of every planned release of the Product. The content is focused on new and updated functionality included in the next release and also any important changes in Office 365 and SharePoint.  

Product training

On a regular basis, representatives in the Customer’s organization will be invited to training focused on concepts and functionality in the Product. The training sessions will be held as webinars and it will be possible to sign up on the web. Each training session will be recorded and made available for customers. 

Networking and knowledge sharing

Representatives in the Customer’s organization will be invited to join the Omnia User Group Community in Yammer. The purpose of the community is to distribute announcements, accommodate questions and conversations and encourage sharing of information between customers.  

Representatives in the Customer’s organization will be invited to join the yearly Omnia User Group Conference. The conference attract 130-150 people attending with the purpose to network and share knowledge on solutions based on the Omnia. 

Customer Voice

We will yearly ask customers to take part in a survey on Omnia and provide information on how the product should be developed over the years to come. Customer representatives will also have the possibility to submit improvement suggestions on Omnia using the Omnia Administration Portal.


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