Continuous improvement for a well-used internet

When you decide to buy Omnia, it is just the beginning. With a long-term commitment to learning, development and advancement, your employees will be well-engaged and productive.


Make the most of your ever-improving Omnia solution

The Omnia Newsletter is sent out to customer representatives eight times a year, providing information on new features and concepts, upcoming training sessions and events and a long-term road map.

Customers are invited to join Omnia Update webinars before every planned product and feature release. The content is focused on new and updated functionality, including any important changes in Office 365 and SharePoint.



Networking and knowledge sharing to inspire your intranet advancements​

Join our Omnia User Group Community in Yammer to discover ideas and opportunities to help your intranet solution. Keep in touch with announcements, common questions, and trending Omnia conversations.

Plus, every year, our customers are invited to join us at our Global Omnia Conference. Take your Omnia solutions to the next level with two days of learning, knowledge sharing, hands-on advice, and peer discussions.


Help us help you with new opportunities for improvement​

We want to hear your ideas! All customer representatives are encouraged to submit improvement suggestions using the Omnia Administration Portal.

Annually, we ask our customers to participate in a comprehensive survey on Omnia. Provide your thoughts and ideas on how Omnia can be advanced through future product development.


Ongoing training to support your employee engagement journey

Regularly, you’re invited to training sessions focused on digital employee experience concepts and Omnia functionality. These webinars are recorded and emailed post-event, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to advance your intranet solution.

For those who prefer in-person training, you’ll want to attend our Omnia User Group Global Conference. This annual conference features a variety of training and break-out sessions that explore a range of Omnia features.

Explore how Omnia can help you!

Want to rejuvenate your employee engagement but don’t know where to start? Would you like to learn more about Omnia or schedule a product demo? Contact us, we’re here to help!