Help projects deliver on time and budget​

With Omnia, you will get support for implementing a best practice for effective project and portfolio management in Microsoft 365.​


Combine the simplicity of Microsoft Teams with your best practices, templates and information policies to establish a solution that will make your colleagues love to teamwork. Omnia holds all the features you will need to improve project effectiveness. ​

Publish project model​s

Define and publish your project models to make it easy fto find the recommended way of working.

Customize templates​

Use built-in or configure your own templates for creating projects to run in Microsoft Teams.

Document Management​

Provide official templates and controlled life cycles for your improved management of project documents.

Project progress​

Display project progress for stakeholders by showing status of phases and activities in the project model.

Project portfolio

​Let end-users discover ongoing or completed projects in a portfolio with relevant project information.

Teams governance​

Combine the simplicity of collaboration in Microsoft Teams with the structure of your information policies.​


Driving efficiency in projects at NCC Property Development

Learn more on how a new solution for project and process management helps boost efficiency and makes it easy for employees to work according to approved best practices.



Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2024 report


"Thoughtfully designed solutions to issues of project and portfolio management."

The yearly industry report 'Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms' is published with the purpose to help workplace leaders, intranet managers, and IT professionals to understand the market and match products to priority requirements. Download the free report today for a detailed review of Omnia and other well-established products.



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