Let's release the wisdom of the crowd

Your employees will love to interact and share knowledge in communities of practice. When it comes to organizational performance, sharing is caring. ​


Discover communities, discussions, gamification, navigation, search, and activity feed and other Omnia features that will support you in building a joint knowledge base and realizing the wisdom of the crowd. 


Meet colleagues and share knowledge in communities

Omnia comes with a template for knowledge sharing communities to make it easy to start building a joint knowledge base. Start or take part in discussions, share documents or publish articles to make knowledge available for your colleagues.

The template can be customized if your organization have any specific needs regarding layouts or what tools that should be available in communities.


Discover who knows what within the organization

Omnia comes with an enhanced profile card that can hold extensive information about the user, such as role, competences, languages, certifications and more. The card also holds an indicator showing completeness with easy access to updating the profile.

There is a possibility to contact the user by chat, a Teams call, or E-mail from the profile card, and also discover colleagues and reporting structures.


Omnia makes it easy to ensure rich user profiles

The user profile can be updated by using a customizable step-by-step wizard, taking the user through the different sections of the profile. This will make it easy for all users to update the profile when needed.

You can decide what information that should be in the profile and provide properties to choose from. The wizard can be opened by the end-user but it can also be triggered automatically based on a set schedule.


Find colleagues based on competences

Omnia can help you deliver a customized search experience and common application is an enhanced people search. Such a setup will help you find colleagues based on name, location, and organization, but also on role, experiences, expert areas, courses taken and more.

Show rich people cards on the search results page and setup relevant refiners that will make it even easier to find the person you are looking for. 

More features to help realize the wisdom of the crowd

There is a lot more to Omnia when it comes to features that will support structured knowledge sharing. Don't hesitate to contact us to get the full picture of what Omnia can do for your organization.

✓  Gamification

To encourage end-users to be active within communities, organizations can launch the gamification concept of Omnia. This will make it possible for users to get activity points for their contribution within a community, which in turn can earn the user a community badge. 

✓  Community Portal

The community concept in Omnia incorporates a portal for navigation to communities, and to display recently posted content in communities.

✓  Discussions

Users can meet up in communities to share knowledge with other members. One of the most used features for this is to start or take part in discussions. End-users can ask questions or launch ideas and get colleagues across the organization to provide answers or help develop proposals.

✓  Team Posts

This is a feature that can be used for social conversations and reactions. Team posts can also be used by on-premises customers since these will not be using Teams or Yammer.

✓  Shared documents

Communities hold a feature that makes it easy for members to upload and share documents with other members. Other users can socially interact with the content, commenting, liking, and rating documents.

✓  Articles or blog posts

Discussions in communities often set the light on topics and questions where new knowledge is needed across the organization. In those cases, it is common that some member takes the initiative to publish a knowledge article in the community. Members can then socially interact with the content, commenting, liking, and rating articles.

✓  Activity feed

Every community holds a feed of activities and events carried out by the members. This includes starting new discussions, posting new comments in discussions, sharing documents and articles, and socially interacting with content.

✓  Subscriptions

To make it easy to stay on top of what is going on in communities, end-users can subscribe to a community, to selected content or to tags. When new content is posted, the user will be notified about the updates.

✓  Personalized notifications

Omnia includes a panel which will deliver personalized notifications on events in communities, such as discussions, documents, and articles.

✓  Personalized navigation

With Omnia, end-users will have access to personalized navigation to followed or recently visited communities.

✓  Search collaboration

Set up a customized search experience with Omnia, including a search scope presenting only content posted in knowledge sharing communities.

✓  Knowledge sharing metrics

Use the customizable dashboard in Omnia to take part of community metrics, such as activities in communities, number of members in communities, and inactive communities.

✓  Microsoft 365 integration

Omnia is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365, and the community concept can be set up closely connected with Teams. You can also show both Omnia Communities and Yammer Communities in an Omnia Community portal.


Explore how Omnia can help you!

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