Insurance Leader, RSA uses Omnia to boost employee knowledge, improve communications

RSA Insurance has strengthened internal communications and employees’ access to relevant and business-critical information with a new Omnia-based intranet and Knowledge Management System.

“Our new Omnia intranet has taken us from good to great in terms of functionality, tools, and user experience. Now it’s much easier for our editors to create, publish, update, and manage content”, says Mark Allotey, Intranet Manager at RSA Insurance Group. “Omnia’s ability to integrate with Microsoft 365 applications, like Stream, Teams, and SharePoint, ensures our intranet is front and center with easy access for all employees. The rich functionality and ease of use have enabled us to build an attractive insurance company intranet with smooth navigation and powerful search. We can finally target content to the people based on where they work in the company.”

Fully integrated with Microsoft, knowledge now lives in the cloud

For more than 300 years, Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) Insurance has been helping people and businesses protect their livelihoods. With headquarters in London, RSA is today a multinational personal and commercial insurer operating across Europe and the Middle East. RSA in the UK and Europe employs over 5,500 people and in 2021 became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the largest general insurer in Canada, Intact Financial Corporation.

In 2019 RSA’s UK-based company decided to implement Microsoft 365 and build a new cloud-based Knowledge Management System for the entire Group. Their previous intranet, a custom-made SharePoint 2013-based on-premises solution, was outdated and not compatible with the cloud.

After analyzing business needs and various technical solutions, RSA concluded they had to upgrade their intranet to a standard cloud-based platform, preconfigured for Microsoft 365 integration and easy to adapt. As one of RSA’s Scandinavian subsidiaries had previously installed Omnia and was more than happy with the result, the Global Head Office decided to adopt Omnia for their UK operations.

“In addition to providing us with an intranet-out-of-the-box, Omnia has proven to be an excellent platform to build a knowledge management system. Its powerful tools and smart architecture make it easy to create and manage content. Being able to structure content and build pages using Omnia's parent/subtopic functionality saves us a lot of time,” noted Marc Gooch, Knowledge Management Leader at RSA Insurance Group.

Simplified search, news features deliver game-changing improvements

“Through the implementation process, we invested a lot of time reviewing the old content, creating new content and redesigning our information structure and navigation. Once we had a clear picture of how to build and populate the new intranet, the actual migration process was smooth and efficient”, said Mark Allotey.

RSA’s previous intranet mixed all kinds of news in one single channel. Today, news is published via two separate channels: Company News and Operational News. According to Mark Allotey, this seemingly small structural change is starting to make an impact.

“Our employees find the news much more visible and relevant than before. I can see engagement in our articles has increased as a result. With Omnia’s Page Rollup functions, we can ensure the right people see the right messages. This is done by tagging our news articles with relevant keywords and targeting different job functions or locations in the company. Some claims handlers can also subscribe to team-specific keywords, enabling team-specific operational news to appear on their home page. This is game-changing for internal communications.

Overall, Omnia has significantly improved RSA internal communications and boosted employee knowledge with these key features and benefits:

  • Easy to customize many aspects of the intranet – giving intranet editors the control and creativity they need to deliver great communications and experiences
  • Simplified search feature and mega menus ensure that underwriters and other employees always have the correct information at hand when needed
  • Right messages seen by the right people – News features and Page Rollup have been game-changing improvements for internal communication.


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