Omnia Conference 2023 presentations

Watch the recorded sessions at the bottom of this page, or click the links below to download the presentations.

Customer stories

Etteplan – The journey to a truly global solution.

Eltel Networks – Eltel Academy – Empowering employees in attaining new and vital skills.

Region Halland – Transforming a static management system to a user-friendly web experience.

Electrolux – A 360-view on using analytics to improve user experience.

Cibes Lift – The Art of Simplicity: Intranet Development through Continuous Improvements.

Ikea Industry – Managing 50.000 business documents in Omnia – The challenges and benefits.

Swedish Sports Confederation – Less is more - maximizing the impact of an essential intranet.

MAN ES – Elevating the Management System of MAN Energy Solutions.

Jazz Aviation – Navigating the Future - Unveiling the new intranet for Jazz Aviation.

Expert speakers

The future of intranets - where do we go from here?

Navigating the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and aligning with intranet market trends.

Demo sessions 

Start Page Examples (Mini-demo)

Breakout sessions

Opening keynote – Get more out of your Omnia Solutions.

Extend your intranet to reach Frontline Workers.

Ensure that your Omnia solution is user-friendly.

Improving UX - Next-generation tools in Omnia.

Improving content management with AI and Omnia - today and going forward.

Pre-boarding and onboarding of new employees - a case study.

Vote for features - help us prioritize Omnia improvement suggestions.

Opening day 2 with Omnia Announcements.

Improve productivity and employee engagement from the CEO to the frontline workforce.

Peace of mind as a service - customizing Omnia with managed extensions.

Using analytics for continuous improvement of internal communication.

Leverage structured Knowledge Management to win a competitive edge.

Tips and tricks for improving Omnia solutions.

Closing keynote – The future of Omnia and the digital workplace.