The AI-powered intranet – modernizing content creation and management

AI technology will help make future intranets much more effective. But already today, Omnia customers can get help from AI in improving internal communication and content management.

In recent months, there has been a growing trend of AI-driven services that are revolutionizing various industries. Many organizations have recognized the potential of AI in creating content, generating media and images, analyzing data, predicting demand, and detecting fraud. As the market continues to evolve, cutting-edge technology like AI is now being integrated into internal communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

How can an intranet benefit from AI?

An intranet can benefit from AI in several ways, the most obvious is content creation and quality assurance. But soon we will also experience that AI can help make the user experience better, supporting enhanced personalization, recommendations, and providing an improved search experience.

Omnia, a top-rated intranet-in-a-box product with over 300 customers in Europe and North America, is thrilled to announce the introduction of AI support for editors and authors who produce and manage content. The AI technology, powered by Azure OpenAI and Dall-E, supports several scenarios that can improve the quality and efficiency of content creation, such as:

  • Creating content for news articles, blog posts, or information pages based on a prompt command.
  • Improving the quality of text created by authors of news articles, blog posts, or information pages.
  • Generating automatic summaries based on text created by authors.
  • Generating images for news articles, blog posts, or information pages based on a prompt command.
  • Customizing the name of the AI bot to your liking.

With AI support integrated into Omnia, editors and authors can save time and focus on creating high-quality content today. This will make it possible for intranet owners to produce more with less resources – and create the desired effects within the organization.

How will AI be used in future intranets?

Presently, the Omnia team is investigating other AI scenarios that can contribute to customers’ intranets and businesses. From a long-term perspective we foresee some wholesale changes, but within the upcoming 6-8 months we are dedicated to moving into the following areas:

  • Content categorization where AI is used to automatically categorize content and recommend appropriate tags and keywords, making it easier for users to search and find relevant content.
  • Content quality assurance where AI is used to check the quality of content for grammar, spelling, readability, and accessibility, ensuring that the content meets high standards.
  • Content personalization where AI is used to analyze user behavior and recommend personalized content based on their interests, preferences, and usage history.
  • Content recommendations where AI is used to recommend related content to users based on their search queries, browsing history, and interests, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Content performance analysis where AI is used to analyze the performance of content in terms of engagement, views, and shares, helping editors and authors optimize their content strategy.
  • Content scheduling where AI is used to schedule content publishing based on optimal times for user engagement and interaction, maximizing the impact of the content.

From a longer perspective, we can assume that users will be able to interact with applications based on natural language processing (NLP), using natural language queries, voice commands, and chatbots to find what they are looking for. Also, when it comes to understanding user patterns and optimizing both content publishing and discovery, we predict that AI will bring plenty of benefits to intranets.

Omnia foresees that AI will be a crucial service in the future of content creation and management, providing customers with even better solutions and higher business value. With AI support integrated into Omnia, customers can elevate their content strategy and stand out in their respective industries. But in the long term, AI will enable intranets to become more intelligent, personalized, and user-friendly, improving the employee experience and driving greater productivity and engagement.