Informationsteknik's Omnia-based intranet strengthens communication and collaboration

In this article, you can learn about how Swedish tech company Informationsteknik did to meet great success when launching a modern and well-designed intranet.

Informationsteknik Scandinavia AB is a Swedish company that provides meetings and video technology services across the country, with offices from Umeå in the north to Malmö in the south. The company has experienced rapid growth in recent years, expanding from 50 employees in two offices in 2019 to over 100 employees in five offices by 2022.

In 2021, the company decided to build a new intranet platform to manage its expanding internal communication, collaboration, and information needs.

Faster access to information, knowledge, and best practices

Before the intranet project, Informationsteknik had a simple and self-developed intranet with limited functions such as equipment and inventory management, and product information. Internal communication was mainly handled via email, and other internal information, processes, and knowledge were scattered across multiple folders on employees' computers, on-premises servers, and various SharePoint sites. To find certain information, users had to know exactly where to look.

The company needed a platform that consolidated all this information and helped its employees collaborate more efficiently, regardless of their location. The new intranet, called Inside, built on Omnia, provides the company with better support and faster access to information, knowledge, processes, collaborations, tools, and internal expertise. The platform enables employees to find everything they need to perform their tasks, manage projects, and communicate with each other efficiently.

According to Andreas Lindbergh, CTO at Informationsteknik Scandinavia AB, Omnia was an easy choice for them as they had kept an eye on the solution for quite some time. The deciding factor, however, was Omnia's deep integration with SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Teams, Yammer, and Stream.

A clear plan enabled fast implementation

The implementation project started in June 2021, and the new intranet was launched three months later, in September, at a company-wide kick-off event. Andreas and his team had to work intensively during the hot summer months to make it happen. Everyone on the team had to roll up their sleeves and puzzle their vacation days based on the tight schedule. The biggest challenge was, above all, the project's short time frame, but also the structuring, cleaning, and creation of high-quality and correctly prioritized content.

"We would never have been able to get it done on time without the very clear and well-thought-out project plan that the Omnia project manager drew up for us. With this as a starting point, we could easily prioritize and narrow it down to what was most important to include in the first version," Andreas explains.

Successive rollout leads to better results

The new intranet, Inside, quickly became popular with the employees who were used to working with modern cloud-based tools. For those who previously worked mostly with email and on-premises solutions, it took a little longer to get into the new ways of working.

"Everyone appreciates the intranet's greatly improved access to information, knowledge, and tools, even though they adopt the solution a little differently depending on their previous IT experience. Not least, they like the ability to quickly and easily filter out documentation that is in our SharePoint environment via Omnia. The Employee Directory is also much appreciated, and we can see that knowledge and competence are shared between the offices to a much greater extent than before," Andreas emphasizes.

After the launch, Informationsteknik continued to build on the intranet and add new functionality and content. For example, they created an onboarding page with company policies, procedures, tools, and other organizational information to help new offices integrate faster and more efficiently. The Quality Management System was also published in Omnia, but with a preliminary article structure, as it will be redone with Omnia's visualization tool for processes and related content.

In conclusion, Informationsteknik has built an intranet that has proven to be a key asset in strengthening communication and collaboration across the entire organization. The organization’s success demonstrates the importance of a well-designed and implemented intranet for modern organizations.