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This year’s report covers reviews of 20 products compared and rated within eight business scenarios, with customer reviews and pricing also considered. The comprehensive report is the definitive buyer's guide with plenty of examples and screenshots that will be of interest to anyone working with intranets and digital workplace solutions.

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Highlights from the report

In the report, Omnia is top-rated in scenarios regarding user experience and visual appeal, community and engagement, Microsoft 365 integration, information finding, and search. The product is described as providing “a comprehensive toolset for constructing and managing a large intranet” that should interest “medium to large companies who want to provide a rich, tailored intranet experience for a diverse workforce”.

User Experience & Visual Appeal

Overall, the review says that Omnia comes with an “excellent overall user experience… layout is clean and coherent even with a high number of elements on the page.” The product provides customers “with a wealth of options for creating a compelling intranet”.

Publishing & Communications Management

In general, the report states that Omnia comes with a “wide range of options for targeting communications across users and devices”. Another highlight is that the product “provides good flexibility for editorial workflows… and includes a ‘News Hub’ to help with the editorial process.”

“Overall, Omnia addresses the publishing and communication management scenario well and will meet the needs of many communicators, which is also supported by feedback from customers.”

Community & Engagement

The report points out that “there are ample opportunities for fostering and generating engagement in Omnia, with a broad toolset encompassing Communities, polls and surveys, self-service learning and giving ‘praise’ to colleagues.”

Integrations & Services

This year’s review establishes that ”Omnia provides a variety of ways to integrate with other systems… and there are out-of-the-box connectors available for common business systems such as Workday or ServiceNow”. The product also gets praise for its “close integration with M365 applications.”

Information Finding & Search

Within this scenario, the review states that “the search experience in Omnia is extensive and powerful, both in terms of features to help users find content and the substantial configuration toolset for administrators.” Also, the product provides “the opportunity to serve up a genuine enterprise search experience”.

Administrator Experience

The review mentions Omnia has a “comprehensive administrative system providing control over all aspects of the site”. Another comment from ClearBox Consulting was “We like the configurable Tutorials feature commonly used for introducing new users to the intranet, topics, functionality, and instructions.”


The report mentions that “Omnia has continued making improvements to the product’s analytics powered both by native functions and the Matomo open-source product”. Also, the review points out that Omnia’s “dashboard approach provides useful at-a-glance understanding of activity”.

Mobile & Frontline Support

Within this scenario, the report says that “Omnia works responsively and has a native app available for iOS and Android, with a white-label option for branding.” Another conclusion is that “we think the combination of functionality and flexibility to configure the toolset plus design for different audiences on mobile is impressive.”

Things to bear in mind:

In the section on things to bear in mind, the review point out that “Omnia is a powerful product and is highly configurable. For businesses who want full control over development of their intranet, Omnia is definitely an option worth exploring. There is a lot of key functionality that can be delivered using set up wizards which means Omnia is still well worth a look for smaller businesses.”

A final highlight from the report is that “the attractive price point for all this functionality shouldn’t be ignored”.