Guide: Comparing Your Intranet Requirements with SharePoint and Viva

It’s easy to assume Microsoft apps can deliver your intranet requirement. But do they? Download our Guide to review and compare Microsoft app intranet capabilities with your requirements.

Download to learn how Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Viva can or cannot meet your intranet requirements.

For many organizations using Microsoft 365, it seems obvious that the Microsoft suite of tools would have everything you need to meet your intranet requirements. But it’s not that straightforward.

While the Microsoft application stack might be a safe choice for your intranet – there are capability strengths and weaknesses. Download this free guide for a summary of Microsoft app intranet capabilities, including these observations and more.

  • News management and targeting limitations are challenges.
  • Shortcomings in the platform regarding navigation, search, and mobile.
  • Limited branding, templating, and governance might impair the user experience.
  • Customizing SharePoint to meet your intranet needs can take time and budget.

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