The best route to satisfied customers​

Many products can help you create a quality management solution based on Microsoft 365. But with Omnia, you will also have support for establishing a quality-first culture.


A quality management system should support every employee to work in a way that guarantees the organization satisfied customers. Use Omnia to visualize processes, procedures, instructions and more to improve quality management and your business.​

Visualize business processes​

Build and publish your business processes and connect related information to provide internal best practices.

Document management​

Define organization-wide policies for how your important documents should be managed over their life cycle.

Implementing project models​

Ensure that project collaboration in Microsoft Teams is aligned with your defined project models.

Continuous improvements

Set up channel for end-users to submit feedback and improvements suggestions to processes and documents. 

Share knowledge​

Improve the recommended way of working by sharing knowledge within topic-based communities. 

Reach all employees

User Omnia accounts and the employee app to reach and connect with the deskless workforce. 


Ragn-Sells improve business with new quality management solution​

Recycling company Ragn-Sells runs a strictly controlled operation. Learn more about how they use Omnia to ensure that processes and important business documents always are in line with ISO certifications. 




Omnia comes with "a full-featured document management system that goes beyond SharePoint."

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