Sharing is caring – when done in a structured way.
See how structured knowledge sharing works in Omnia.

Knowledge sharing can boost productivity

If your organization knew what your organization knows, you would surely be more efficient. Use Omnia to implement structured Knowledge Management within the digital workplace. 


Communities are at the heart of a structured solution for sharing knowledge within an organization. 

With Omnia it is easy to start a new community and invite colleagues to join. Here, users can create and publish articles and document to the benefit of their peers. They can also start and participate in discussions or use Omnia to establish an FAQ.  

Omnia Interactions

Interact with content

To succeed with a solution for managing knowledge across the organization, users must be able to interact with content.

In an Omnia-based solution, users will be able to share content using Yammer or via e-mail. They will also be able to like, comment and rate content - and you can of course display charts on the most liked or commented content or the top rated articles.


Omnia also supports the possibility to set up a gamification concept to encourage users to participate.

End-users will collect achievement points when sharing knowledge in a community, publishing articles, answering questions, improving existing content or contributing in discussions. We can thereby list and acknowledge top contributors and users can be handed community badges to their profile showing their achievements.

Stay updated

Omnia will help your end-users stay updated on the growing knowledge base within your organization.

Within a community, users will be able to set up subscriptions for content of interest. The user will then be notified when new content is added or existing content is updated or commented. To make this concept last over time, there is a separate interface for users to manage their subscriptions. 

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