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Omnia is top-ranked in the comprehensive 2019 buyers’ guide to intranet products for SharePoint and Office 365 from ClearBox Consulting. Once again, the product got excellent reviews for functionality, concepts, pricing, user community and product support in the most comprehensive report on the market.

Find out more in the blog post Omnia is once again top-ranked in comprehensive report.


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The average loading time for a web page in an Omnia based intranet is 295ms. Can you beat that?


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  • How to succeed with document management in Office 365

    What can you do to give users in the organization as a whole a better experience when it comes to creating, sharing, maintaining, finding and using documents? In this paper, we give you a practical example of how to plan your work and use Office 365 and SharePoint. From the contents: Strategy and plan for document management. Define document types and Map Against services in Office 365 Manage documents with high formal requirements. Project Overview – How can work be done. Perceived results of improved document management. Download the document via the form on the right.

  • Improve productivity by trimming work hours

    Organizations have always been trying to boost productivity in all ways possible. Since studies show that putting in the extra hours doesn’t give the desired result – the message is don’t work more, work smarter.

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