Supporting modern leadership challenges

Omnia will support you in connecting people and strengthening the relationship to and between employees.​


Intranets cover much more than just getting the corporate message out and can help you master the HR and Leadership challenges of today. Omnia will support you in the strive for being a great place to work.

Swift onboarding​

Set up an onboarding portal to get new employees introduced, connected, and prepared for their new job.

Manage learning resources

Set up a learning center to support employees in developing new competences.

People directory​

Make it easy to find and contact colleagues based on role, responsibility, languages, or competences.

Polls and surveys​

Use polls, surveys, improvement suggestions, and feedback features to understand employee voice.​

Navigate organization​

Set up clickable organization charts and visualize reporting structures to build understanding of your organization.

Include all users​

Support for reaching desk workers and frontline teams in a channel convenient for the end-user. 


New intranet helps Signify cultivate employee engagement​

Learn more about how the new intranet will help promoting Signify stories internally and help improve employee engagement. And how the personalized solution was implemented in record-breaking time. 




"Omnia takes a thoughtful approach to the employee lifecycle."

The yearly industry report 'Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms' is published with the purpose to help workplace leaders, intranet managers, and IT professionals to understand the market and match products to priority requirements. Download the free report today for a detailed review of Omnia and other well-established products.



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