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A strong concept for internal communication

Omnia will empower your organization with a strong concept for enterprise communication, catering for both simple and complex publishing scenarios and delivering your message to the right target groups. 


Publishing experience

Omnia supports several publishing roles within the digital workplace. From editors requesting a simple and smooth experience to advanced publishers in need of promoted or mandatory content, advanced media handling, scheduled publishing, approval workflows, subscriptions, notifications and more.

Handle complex scenarios

With Omnia, you will be able to master complex internal communication scenarios like how to handle global and local information, multiple languages, or advanced navigation challenges. 

Omnia ships with strong multi-lingual support, both for system and content, and provides the possibility of machine translation.

Enhanced targeting

Providing the right information to the right person at the right time is no more just a saying.

Based on strong features for handling enterprise properties and targeting for any type of content or block, you will be able to establish a digital workplace delivering relevant content for every user.


Driving compliance

Omnia will assist in driving organizational compliance by supporting authors and owners when working with policies, processes, procedures, instructions and other controlled content.

The product also comes with the possibility to visualize and publish business processes and related information such as tasks, tools, and documents. 

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Watch the video: Internal communication with Omnia

Learn more on how Omnia empowers your organization with a strong concept for internal communication.

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