Delivering an excellent experience for all users

End-users will love Omnia's personalization, world-class performance, and great look & feel. Providing a better user experience is essential for a successful intranet.


Discover navigation, search, start page, personalization, mobile, branding and other Omnia features that will support you in engaging users and driving long-term adoption.


Design a beautiful and personalized start page

When designing the start page, Omnia can meet your most ambitious requirements. Or you can use built-in templates to get going instantly.

Whatever you choose, you will have a great looking start page optimized for all screens and clients.


Flexible navigation to help you create an intuitive solution

Besides mega menus, current navigation, and breadcrumbs, Omnia holds a variety of powerful navigation tools with great visual appeal. 

Use tools such as personalized navigation, bookmarks, directories, organization charts, and process navigation to establish a truly easy-to-use solution.


Support users in finding what they are looking for

Omnia comes with powerful tools for setting up a search experience tailor-made for your organization.

Use search categories and refiners to make it easy for users to discover content. Activate promoted search results and 'did you mean' support to gold-plate the solution. And make sure to continuously improve findability based on search analytics and feedback from end-users.



A perfect way to stay connected and updated on the go 

With Omnia, you can design and set up one or several mobile profiles to target different groups of users and their requirements. 

Download the mobile app for iOS and Android and get access to news, social reactions, announcements, and tasks with targeted push notifications. Or why not deliver the full intranet experience in the app?

More features to realize a great user experience

There is a lot more to Omnia when it comes to helping you deliver a great user experience. Don't hesitate to contact us to get the full picture of how Omnia compare with your requirements.

  Teams integration

With Omnia, it is easy to bring selected apps or the full intranet experience to Microsoft Teams and to create Teams specific navigation and branding of your choice.

✓  Personalized

Use features for enhanced targeting and subscriptions to ensure a truly personalized solution.

✓  Notifications

Use the notification panel to help users keep track of new content and issues that require action. Use ready-made channels such as news, tasks, discussions, and documents, or connect to business systems to display new events.

✓  Quick Links

Provide navigation to all supported systems and services, make links mandatory, targeted, or possible for end-users to add to My Links.

✓  Tutorials

Publish step-by-step tutorials to introduce users to the solution, sections, applications, and new features. This will help to create an easy-to-learn solution when downloading an app to your phone.

✓  User Profile

Ensure rich user profiles with information on roles, skills, training, interests and more for every employee.

✓  Multi-lingual solutions

Provide content in several languages using our easy-to-use variations features, choose between translation workflows or machine translation.

✓  UI and branding

Use built-in tools to present an attractive and easy-to-use experience for end-users well aligned with corporate branding guidelines regarding solution header, logo, icons, text styles, content headers, colour palette, themes and more.

✓  Adoption

Use metrics on active readers and active contributors to monitor adoption and compare to your targets.

✓  Accessibility

Omnia is compliant with the WCAG accessibility standard to ensure that all users will be able to take part of the solution.

Explore how Omnia can help you!

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