Making your corporate culture come to life 

With Omnia, you can strengthen the relationship to and between employees. Engage and empower your people to develop into their best selves.​


Discover organization charts, polls, micro-courses, social interaction, learning center, how to onboard and acknowlege people and other Omnia features that will help you drive employee engagement.


Supporting new employees in getting up to speed

Set up a portal that will support swift onboarding for new hires and provide information that is relevant for starting the new position. Centralized HR resources and local managers can set up personalized introduction schemas and support employees in staying on top of their introduction and signing off the tasks they have been assigned. 


Visualize your business to provide end-users with the bigger picture

Set up an easy-managed organizational structure and publish it as clickable organization charts, including reporting hierarchies. Provide navigation to content related to departments and units, such as description, news, documents, who works here, and who is the manager.


Manage learning resources and help employees develop new competences

With Omnia, you can establish a structured Learning Center within your intranet. The product comes with features to support your organization in publishing, finding, and taking teacher-led and self-service courses. You will even have support for managing events and participants.


Acknowledge your employees to make them feel valued 

Here is something that most people want more of in their jobs: acknowledgment. With Omnia, you can highlight new colleagues, co-workers changing roles, upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, or the employee of the month. You can add gamification to make it possible for employees to earn badges showing their contribution.

More features to support employee engagement

There is a lot more to Omnia when it comes to features that will help you drive employee engagement. Don't hesitate to contact us to get the full picture of what Omnia can do for your organization.

✓  Pre-boarding

Set up a pre-boarding portal for new talent and let Omnia help you manage user accounts that you have not registered in Active Directory yet. Publish information pages, documents, videos, and courses that a new colleague can use before starting their employment.

✓  Sign-off requests

Use the sign-off request feature in Omnia to build structured onboarding programs and schedules. Let new hires check tasks off as they learn about the organization.

✓  Course Management

Create, organize, and publish courses to develop employee skills. Omnia comes with templates to support a variety of courses, such as classroom courses, online courses, and self-service video or micro-courses, and courses can be provided internally or by an external partner.

✓  Micro-courses

A micro-course is a step-by-step course with a limited scope that is created based on a built-in template, and consists of text, images, video, links, or other content. You can also create and add a knowledge check to a micro-course and include the possibility for end-users to rate the course.

✓  Video courses

Make recordings of classroom or online courses available for users who could not attend on the course date.

✓  Visualize business processes

Define and publish your official processes to help employees understand expectations, organizational best practices, and how work should be carried out.

✓  Employee handbook

Omnia comes with a concept for realizing a structured employee handbook with possibility to mix global and local content, use pages, media and controlled documents, and deliver in local languages.

✓  Quick Polls

Use quick polls to launch weekly or monthly pools to collect information on attitudes and wishes within the workforce.

✓  Surveys

Understand employee voice by using Omnia to run internal surveys. Build questionnaires, reuse previous surveys, and use the ready-made reports.

✓  User Profile Completion

Help end-users enrich their user profiles by using the completion wizard of Omnia. This is the first step towards a great employee directory and people search experience.

✓  Social and sharing

Let employees use social features such as like, comment, rate and share across the solution. And encourage people to start and take part of conversations in knowledge sharing communities.

✓  Presence

Display presence for end-users where people information is shown across the solution.

✓  Include all users

Make sure your solution includes the whole organization by using the Omnia mobile app, digital signage, and connecting your solution to Microsoft Teams.

✓  Praise colleagues and teams

Submit praise to a colleague to show appreciation or praise a team to acknowledge their contribution. Show praise on the start page or follow up last year's posts in a Praise Gallery. 

Explore how Omnia can help you!

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