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Omnia is designed to support internal communication, business management, and a great employee experience in larger enterprises.


Omnia is designed and developed to deliver on complex intranet requirements that are common within larger organizations. Our SaaS offering is based on a feature-rich and top-rated product, secure Azure hosting, and customized support services in all time zones.

Communication platform

Omnia is a modern communication platform that comes with powerful tools, an easy-to-use publishing experience, and a strong concept for content governance. 

Flexible branding

Omnia provides means and methods to implement your corporate design guidelines and support for promoting several brands or profiles.

Multi-channel publishing

Omnia supports publishing your message in many channels, such as intranet, partner portal, Microsoft Teams, the white labelled mobile app and digital signage.

Multi-lingual solutions

Omnia comes with great language support for both solution and content. Use variations handling, translation workflows, and machine translation. 

Multi-tenant solutions

With Omnia, you can set up and manage global communication solutions across several M365 tenants or user directories. 

Custom URL

Omnia comes with support for setting up your solution in Microsoft 365, but still being able to pick your unique intranet URL.

Enterprise hosting model

Omnia provide an intranet-as-a-service with secure Azure hosting with the possibility to a customized release schedule for product updates.

Extend your solution

Omnia will support you in making your intranet the digital workplace hub, with ready-made connectors, an extensibility framework, and possibility to co-dev features.

Support in all time zones

From Ottawa to Ho Chi Minh City, no matter what time of day it is. We always have an office open to support you if you run in to any challenges. 

Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2024 report


"Omnia mainly appeals to large organizations with complex needs"

The yearly industry report 'Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms' is published with the purpose to help workplace leaders, intranet managers, and IT professionals to understand the market and match products to priority requirements. Download the free report today for a detailed review of Omnia and other well-established products.




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