Foyen’s digital workplace elevated

Swedish law firm Foyen has implemented a digital workplace comprising an Omnia-based intranet and an integrated curriculum database from Cinode. The new solution has significantly improved employees’ access to internal information, tools and competence profiles.

– It’s so much easier today to publish, consume, discuss and share internal information and news. With better access to company-wide information, the organization as a whole will eventually become more conscious of and updated on news items and other internal information. But we still have some way to go before everyone’s onboard our new digital workplace. Once we’ve fully adopted the new way of communicating and managing information, we expect to see a significant increase in efficiency and in our employees’ understanding of our overall business, says Annica Hentze, Head of Communication at Foyen.

Greater engagement, relevance, and transparency

Foyen offers legal services and expertise primarily in the areas of construction and real estate, technology-intensive industry, mining and forestry, the public sector, energy, the environment, and inter-disciplinary business law. With more than 90 employees, they have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Falun and a sister agency in Norway.

Foyen previously had a basic Sharepoint-based intranet that very few employees used, mainly on account of its shortcomings in terms of navigation and search functionality. Information was published on the intranet by a mere handful of users and all too infrequently. Foyen’s main internal communications channels were e-mail and staff meetings.

– We had to make it easier to communicate internally and to increase transparency, relevance, and engagement in our internal communications by modernizing our intranet. E-mail is a relatively inefficient communications channel and new employees couldn’t effectively access information about our company and business areas, Annica explains and adds:

– We wanted a solution that smoothly integrates Office 365 and requires minimal training and maintenance. Omnia met our requirements and had an appealing design. In recognizing our needs, Precio Fishbone’s experts focussed on the most important issues. This was a major factor in building our trust.

Fewer e-mails and more company news

The roll-out of Foyen’s new digital workplace is still ongoing, with a large screen display solution being implemented and integrated into the workplace in the autumn of 2019. This solution also includes an integrated curriculum database based on the Cinode competence platform.

– One of our objectives with the new digital workplace is that our employees should be able to find whatever information they’re looking for in less than a minute. Another is that the new solution will help them better understand our overall business. To get there, we need to have simple navigation, high accessibility, excellent structure, and search functionality, and user-targeted information, Annica stresses.

Annica says that the reception given to the Omnia app has been very favorable. Many employees have commented on how easy it is to access company news via the app, something that’s particularly appreciated when they’re away from work, on parental leave for instance.

– With the app, you can keep track of our internal news and discussions in a more relaxed way. This makes it much easier to stay updated if you’re away from work for a longer period of time, Annica points out.

A vital part of Foyen’s communications strategy is to induce more employees to contribute content on the intranet. The goal is to fill the intranet with news, stories, and reports from every business area, with at least two corporate news items being published every week. To achieve this, Foyen has to boost engagement and encourage individual initiatives.

– Our initial objective is that we’ll see ten new posts or news articles being produced and published by our employees every week. We’re not there yet, but we’re working hard on getting more users to publish, comment and share information. Although a lot of our internal information is still going out via e-mail, the overall volume of e-mails has dropped off significantly. On a personal level, I’ve substantially cut down on my e-mailing of corporate news, Annica underlines.

Changing behavior takes time

The intranet platform and the new possibilities it offers are very much appreciated by Foyen’s employees and management, but according to Annica, it’s taking time to achieve the goals of the implementation.

– This is partly because it’s a time-consuming process for an organization to adopt a new technical platform. Our implementation is going ahead as planned and we’re confident our digital workplace will eventually be used more frequently.

– Trimming the intranet’s load time is currently one of our main priorities and with higher speeds, I’m sure we’ll see greater usage of our new digital platform, Annica concludes.