Swedish law firm Foyen improves internal communication and sustainability with a new modern intranet

Swedish law firm Foyen has made impressive advancements in enhancing internal communication and promoting sustainability through the implementation of a new intranet as the central hub of its digital workplace.

When the organization started to prepare for the digital workplace initiative, the hopes for improved communication, collaboration, and engagement were high. However, once the solution was in place, there have been positive results also regarding transparency, content governance, and sustainability.

The new intranet is increasing transparency and engagement

Previously, Foyen had a basic SharePoint-based intranet which was underutilized due to navigation and search functionality shortcomings. To address these issues and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365, Foyen required a solution that would necessitate minimal training and maintenance.

Annica Hentze, Foyen's Head of Communication, remarked, "Before, we had relatively inefficient communications channels, and new employees couldn't effectively access information about our company and business areas. We had to make it easier to communicate internally and to increase transparency, relevance, and engagement in our internal communications by modernizing our intranet.”

The company’s list of requirements was well prepared and led to a clear purpose for the new solution: “Omnia met our requirements regarding publishing, governance, and user experience. Our impression was that the product could make our intranet work as the digital workplace hub", Hentze comments.

The new intranet provides simple navigation, high accessibility, excellent structure, and search functionality, as well as user-targeted information. This has made it easier for Foyen employees to publish, consume, discuss, and share internal information and news, resulting in a significant reduction in email volume and enhanced company-wide information access.

Integrations connect the intranet to daily work

The implementation of the new digital workplace solution has significantly improved Foyen's communication processes, and the intranet is now integrated with a curriculum database from Cinode, streamlining access to internal information, tools, and competence profiles.

Additionally, Foyen's digital workplace solution has contributed to a more sustainable work environment, reducing the need for printed materials, such as internal memos and reports, and enabling electronic information and document sharing. "We're trying to make our work processes more sustainable, and reducing our paper consumption is one part of that," says Hentze.

The work with Foyen's digital workplace is ongoing, and there are plans to integrate the intranet with the company's project management tool. Hentze is optimistic that further benefits for the organization will result from these developments.

Overall, Foyen's implementation of a new modern intranet as the digital workplace hub has been a success story, with significant improvements in communication, engagement, and sustainability. The company recognizes the importance of continually improving its intranet and digital workplace, and the results of its efforts thus far have been very positive.


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