Knowledge sharing helps drive growth at INTEC

Up-and-coming consultant company, INTEC, has launched a new intranet based on Microsoft 365 and Omnia to support key business processes and internal knowledge sharing. The company aims to grow in the upcoming years and sees Omnia as a valuable tool for realizing its vision.

Swedish technology consulting company INTEC are experts in design, installation, inspection, risk management and advanced technical analysis in electricity, plumbing, energy, industry, and fire protection. Today, INTEC has +250 employees in 15 locations and their strategy is to keep on growing during the upcoming years.

Knowledge sharing helps drive growth at INTEC

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Intranet improves knowledge management 

During the first year, internal communication and project documentation was handled using Microsoft Teams, e-mail, and simple server-based file storage. But soon the company realized that they needed to establish a more capable digital workplace with enhanced support for key processes and activities. During a prestudy and specifying phase the decision was that the solution should support internal communication, process and document management, project management and internal knowledge sharing.

After having scanned the market and evaluated possible solutions, INTEC choose to establish and launch a new intranet based on Microsoft 365 and Omnia that were to support the capabilities mentioned. The solution was launched in November 2021 and the impact on the ways of working has been instant and very positive.

– With Omnia, we have created a complete solution that not only unifies the company and strengthens our internal communication but also gives us better utilization of knowledge and enhanced quality in and monitoring of our project processes, says Filip Eriksson, Intranet Manager and Group Leader at INTEC.

Besides traditional intranet features like news, events and organizational information, the solution also supports visualization of business processes, document management, structured team collaboration, and realizing the wisdom of the crowd by using knowledge sharing communities.

– The new intranet ensures that everyone has smooth access to relevant information and that our processes, projects, and documents are created and managed in a uniform and correct manner. It has also become easier for us to develop and share knowledge and skills. Today, it is a lot easier today to find and allocate internal competence to various projects, and employees can share and further develop their knowhow within relevant areas, Eriksson states.

A solution that helps meet ISO requirements 

Based on learning and knowledge sharing concepts in Omnia, INTEC has been able to strengthen an internal culture where employees are willing and encouraged to share their knowledge and help colleagues solve daily work challenges. Filip explains:

– End-users can create, publish, share, and comment on knowledge articles, documents, and training videos. To a large extent, our intranet is an autonomous knowledge and education platform. Even though we create a lot of content and training material, our employees also want to share knowledge and best practices.

– The solution has proven very successful when it comes to colleagues helping each other in a simple and efficient way and at the same time building a joint knowledge base. Omnia's smart search filters, subscription and notification features also make it easy to stay up-to-date and to distribute new knowledge. Since launch, we have seen how the development of knowledge has gained momentum and that employees invest time in developing their skills.

Besides the improved knowledge sharing facilities of the digital workplace, INTEC also appreciates that the solution support enhanced process and document management, and in the long run also their ISO ambitions.

– With Omnia we were able to get a good deal of bundled turn-key functionality, which would save us time. The platform also fits our way of working with its high mobile accessibility and powerful tools that make it easy to create, keep track of and update content. In addition, Omnia has built-in process tools enabling us to create a robust Quality Management System that meets all ISO requirements in a reliable and efficient manner, Filip emphasizes.

Since the launch of the intranet, INTEC has seen that improved internal structures and ways of working is driving productivity and paves the way for future growth. The business plan tells that the company should grow further during the upcoming years and that the new intranet will be a valuable tool for realizing these objectives.

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