NCC Property Development manages operations via an Omnia-based view

NCC Property Development has implemented an integrated Omnia- and SharePoint-based Document, Project and Quality Management System. Every tool and process required for the management of operations is now easily accessible on a common platform. In addition to greater order and control, the new system leads to clearer processes and higher efficiency.

– We have built a fully integrated Document, Project and Quality Management System using Omnia and SharePoint. The solution is also seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365, making it easier for users to create and manage projects and documents. All tools, guidelines, templates and other resources required for our projects and quality management processes are now all in one place. They are readily accessible via a uniform and single view workspace. "This boosts our efficiency and ensures the correct management of processes and documents", says Martin Sandén, Head of Operational Development and Sustainability at NCC Property Development Nordic.

Process Management for sustainable property development

A thriving business unit in the NCC Group, NCC Property Development develops and sells commercial properties throughout Nordic countries, focusing on sustainable office, retail and logistics properties in attractive locations. In 2020 the division had a turnover of SEK 2.7 billion and 110 employees.

NCC Property Development used a Qualiware-based Quality Management System until the autumn of 2018. However, the solution was strictly a Quality Management System, and as such unable to present a complete picture of the company’s process and project management or provide access to the requisite process tools. It was, furthermore, in need of an upgrade. Since the modernization of their Project and Document Management System was also a priority, NCC decided their best strategy was to build an integrated solution comprising Project, Document and Quality Management. Their choice fell on Omnia, which would be integrated with a new Omnia-based solution for Document Management. The new platform, which also includes a new custom-made SharePoint-based Project Management System, was launched in October 2018.

– We wanted to create a solution that allowed us to manage and view all our processes using the same tool. This included everything from validating the quality of processes to the creation and management of projects and documents. We looked at several products and platforms and even considered developing the solution from scratch, since we’d have to adapt them to meet our unique needs. However, Omnia is a future-oriented and very flexible standard platform, which we can easily modify to fit our requirements. Another advantage of Omnia is its smooth integration with Microsoft 365, Martin explains and adds:

– The solution offers users quick, easy and single-point access to processes, documents, templates, projects and Microsoft 365’s toolbox. It makes them more productive and facilitates their work. It also makes our process requirements, work and information structures, clearer to everyone.

Greater order and control

Omnia contains a graphical and clickable process map that enables users to click through to selected processes. Each process is then linked to controlled documents, templates, guidelines, a SharePoint-based project site and other resources.

– Omnia doesn’t just make users’ work easier, it also guarantees that every process is carried out correctly and that the proper templates and documents are used and filed in the right places. This leads to increased traceability, more significant order and control of our processes and documents and higher compliance with standards and certification requirements. Furthermore, the reliability of the information has significantly improved as users can now verify that a document is created by the right person, using the correct template, and that it’s the latest and only version, Martin emphasizes.

The new Quality Management System allows users to click through a process to quickly find out how a specific task should be executed and with which tools and other resources. New projects are also created with templates ensuring that the proper document templates, guidelines, tools and file storage locations are automatically included in the project site.

– It’s become much easier for our employees to find information and to understand, manage, execute and update processes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new employee or if you’ve been with us a long time. Martin concludes that our fully integrated solution is so comprehensive, logical and user-oriented that it’s difficult to make mistakes.

Continuous education and follow-ups crucial

According to Martin, even though the solution is self-explanatory, regular user training will ensure the best results. A user follow-up is conducted every six months, covering the solution’s functionality and improvements, and once a year a comprehensive in-depth user survey is undertaken.

– Although the user interface is easy to grasp and navigate and our employees are quite IT-savvy, regular user education is required if we’re to benefit from the full potential of the solution. We also make continuous system improvements, which have to be communicated and taught to users, Martin points out.