Semler Gruppen improves internal communication

Semler Gruppen A/S has improved internal communication and built a solid understanding for Microsoft 365 by implementing an intranet based on Omnia.

Every fourth new car in Demark is delivered by Semler Gruppen A/S, the leading actor in the Danish market when it comes to delivering vehicles and related services. The company has 2400 employees and imports and resells cars within the VW family such as VW, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Ducati. Semler also sells agricultural machines and related services, primarily John Deere.

Semler now foresees a future where the products, customers, and patterns of consumption are changing dramatically. This means that the company will keep on pushing for future solutions that can ensure that Semler will keep their leading position. Semler is also investing in innovation when it comes to mobility solutions within the companies Dribe, Connected Cars, and Holo.

In 2018 the company decided to start an initiative for improving internal communication and collaboration with a new intranet based on Office 365. Communication consultant Tommy Panduro describes the project:

– First and foremost, we were looking for an intranet that should be easy for both users and editors to use. We wanted a solution that would help drive communication from management to the organization as a whole, and communication and collaboration across the various parts of the corporation. We also saw that the project would help us introduce and drive the adoption of Microsoft 365 as a vital part of our digital workplace.

– In addition, we also used price and quality to evaluate the different options that we had at hand.

Semler decided to base the new digital workplace and intranet on Omnia and assigned Precio Fishbone to be the implementation partner, staffing the project with consultants from the Copenhagen office.

– The collaboration with Precio Fishbone was smooth and very effective. We chose to get their help with designing and implementing the Omnia product and also a number of Microsoft 365 services. For a couple of months, it was a very close collaboration but then our internal functions started to take over the responsibility for managing the solution successively.

In 2019, Semler launched the new solution for the organization with a positive result.

– As with all changes, users need some time and support to get used to new tools and new ways of working. However, we are happy with how the organization has adopted the solution and has now been able to terminate some older applications and Notes databases.

– We are happy with the result of our initiative and today we see users requesting new features that they want to see in our intranet. Our internal communication has been improved and we have a good understanding of the Microsoft 365 platform.


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