Guide: 15 Intranet Good Practices

The corporate intranet is alive and well. But is your intranet using best-in-class practices? Find out by downloading our Free Guide – 15 Intranet Good/Best Practices.

Download to read 15 best practices and top tips to improve your intranet.

Whether you are planning for a new intranet or want to rejuvenate what you have – this guide is for you! With desktop and mobile screenshots and helpful tips and tricks, you’ll learn 15 ways to elevate your intranet game. Here is a sneak peek of our “secrets” to intranet success.

  • A personalized start page makes a great first impression.
  • Useful navigation to enhance the user experience.
  • Swift onboarding and introduction of new talent.
  • Use search and refiners to find product information.
  • And much more!

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