Omnia awarded Intranet Choice Europe badge

When ClearBox Consulting recently announced their Intranet Choices for 2021, Omnia was awarded the Intranet Choice Europe badge.

Since 2016 UK-based ClearBox Consulting has published a comprehensive report on intranet in a box-products for SharePoint and Microsoft 365. During 2020 they also released a similar report for independent intranet in a box-products. The purpose of both reports is to help workplace leaders, intranet managers, and IT professionals understand the market and match products to priority requirements.

The reviews cover more than 70 products and today ClearBox Consulting has announced their Intranet Choices for 2021. The choices are a selection of products that the UK-based company feels are strong candidates for anyone's best-fit shortlist. Omnia has for the fourth year in a row been awarded the badge Intranet Choice Europe.

We asked Anders Fagerlund, Product Offering Lead for Omnia, what the award is about and what the plans are for developing Omnia into an even stronger alternative for customers.

Congratulations to the fine reviews of Omnia and being selected for the Intranet Choice Europe badge. Was the award expected?

– We had our fingers crossed that Omnia should receive the badge for the fourth year in a row. But since the competition was tougher than in previous years you can’t expect to be selected for the badges.

Omnia got great reviews in 2020 and was the top-ranked product. Why do you think that the competition was tougher this time?

– In 2020 ClearBox has released both a new edition of the yearly SharePoint Intranets report and a report evaluating independent intranet products. In previous years, their intranet choices have been made between the products based on SharePoint and Microsoft 365, but this year the badges covered both reports and more than 70 products. So that makes the competition fiercer and the badges harder to win.

When it comes to the reviews of Omnia, what are the main benefits mentioned in the reviews?

– Omnia got the highest possible score for User Experience which always has been a priority for us when developing the product. It was also great to see that the market-leading performance, an area that we have put a lot of effort in, was highlighted in the report.

– Omnia is also described as a capable and pleasant product working elegantly with the Microsoft Apps and my guess is that refers to the seamless integration with Microsoft 365 in general and Microsoft Teams especially.

Integrating the intranet with Microsoft Teams must be a hot topic considering the fantastic growth of Teams. But what would be the main purpose for such an integration?

– During the past year or so we have seen Teams being rolled out in plenty of organizations and end-users quickly adopting the new tool for collaboration and personal productivity. So many organizations are now experiencing that they have good content and governance policies on their intranet, but that the ‘audience’ now has moved to Teams. That has triggered that Teams in some cases also is being used for internal communication and in that area, the Microsoft product has obvious limitations.

– So, one reason for that type of integration could be to provide rich, branded, targeted content published on the intranet also in the Teams experience. But we also meet other purposes for integration, for instance, to provide useful intranet features in Teams or providing enhanced governance for collaboration in Teams.

What are you planning for 2021 to make sure that Omnia receives good reviews and the intranet choice badge also for the upcoming years?

– We have some promising new concepts and features in the roadmap. One of my favorites is the possibility to complement the rich Microsoft 365 intranet with a mirrored solution with selected content aimed at users that don’t have a Microsoft 365 account. A typical setup here would be to have a rich intranet for white-collar users and a more limited solution for blue-collar users, first-line workers or maybe store workers.

– We also have some plans when it comes to learning and knowledge sharing, an area where many of our customers have shown great interest. This of course also includes integrating with the new concept called Microsoft Viva and especially then Viva Learning and Viva Topics.

– We will introduce a more powerful and dynamic mega menu during the spring and that will provide new possibilities for our customers. There will also be improvements to the search experience such as best bets, search bookmarks and enhanced search statistics and monitoring.

– Another upside of Omnia is governance and content management and within this area, we will be releasing some new features, like further metrics and reports and a possibility to follow up on targets and trends when it comes to content aspects such as reach and usage.

Finally, can you share some information on some innovative and exciting customer solutions based on Omnia?

– That is a hard question to answer since there are more than 300 solutions to choose from, but the award-winning City of Malmö is of course worth mentioning. They have a user-friendly solution that has been showcased at some notable digital workplace conferences and they received the Digital Workplace Award 2020 for User Engagement.

– The food retail group Axfood has a solution that incorporates several business units with different branding, navigation, and content within one Microsoft 365 tenant. The French market research company Ipsos has a multi-lingual solution that supports their global enterprise.

– The ÖBB Group based in Austria has an on-premises solution based on Omnia that supports them in delivering comprehensive mobility services. Gaming company Play n Go is currently building a teams-first intranet which is an interesting approach.

– But there are plenty of other organizations and solutions that also would deserve a mention and information on some of these can be found on the Omnia website.


About ClearBox Consulting and their reports:

ClearBox Consulting is a UK-based company that provides independent advisory services and consulting within areas such as intranets, employee apps and the digital workplace. During 2020 the company has published reports on Intranet products for SharePoint, Independent intranet products and Employee Apps.

All intranet products covered by the reports have been evaluated regarding a wide variety of aspects such as deployment possibilities, mobility, accessibility, product support, frequency of updates, user community, partner network and customer's voice.

The products have been closely reviewed within a number of solution scenarios based on common customer needs, for instance: News and Publishing, User Experience, Search and Navigation, Analytics and Governance and Collaboration and Knowledge Management. Each product has then been given a rating for each scenario and pricing for various customer sizes has also been compared.

Omnia is top-ranked among the evaluated products and the product is also considered to deliver high value considered the investment needed.

You can find more information on the intranet products for SharePoint report and the independent intranet products report using these links.

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