Knowledge Management

Help your employees make the best possible use of knowledge within your organization.

We encourage organizations using Omnia to enhance their intranet with a solution for structured knowledge sharing. Omnia supports processes regarding creating, categorizing, finding, using, sharing and improving knowledge assets within the digital workplace. Our aim is to help you make the best possible use of knowledge within your organization.

Build your knowledge base

Omnia will help you build a structured knowledge base that puts an end to reinventing the wheel. Start discussions, join communities and create and categorize articles to contribute to making your lessons learned available for your peers.

Improve knowledge base

With Omnia, it is easy to find communities, articles and discussions using enhanced navigation and the customized search experience. You can like, comment, rate, share and help improve the content to refine the knowledge base over time.

Also, Omnia will let end-users subscribe to communities, articles and topics to stay updated when new content is posted.

Find and connect with peers

To make the most out of the knowledge within your organization, you must make sure it is easy to find people based on skills, abilities and competence. With the User Profile Completion Wizard, Omnia will help you secure rich user profiles and the product also provides the possibility to set up customized search scopes with refiners and preview.

Encourage users to contribute

Omnia makes it possible for end-users to collect points for helping colleagues that can let them earn knowledge sharing badges to show with their user profile. In this way, the organization can acknowledge users that contribute to increased productivity.

Manage knowledge

Omnia will help you set up knowledge sharing in a structured way, creating templates for provisioning communities and implementing policies for how articles, documents or other items should be maintained over their life cycle. This is the way to a knowledge management solution that will last over time. 

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