Quality Management

Improve operations and customer satisfaction with a system for managing the quality of your products and services

A great way to improve operations and customer satisfaction is to implement a system for managing the quality of your products and services. Omnia comes with support for publishing and handling processes, documents and issues over defined life cycles that will contribute to regulatory compliance. By managing the organization’s policies, procedures and best practices, you will be able to help your workforce and the organization to meet goals and objectives.

Visualize processes

Implementing best practices can be a challenge. But with Omnia it will be easy to build, describe and publish clickable business processes. You can also add related information such as owner, documents, tasks, tools and forms to provide relevant information on your way of working.

Controlled documents

Omnia supports the possibility to centrally handle document types and templates and define controlled life cycles regarding approval, pdf conversion, review, archiving and more. This will help publishers to manage important documents in a structured way and connect them to processes.

Omnia also provides support for giving end-users access to templates in any location where they create documents and to post feedback on controlled documents.


With Omnia, administrators and content owners will have access to reports and statistics regarding processes and controlled documents. This covers for instance locations, feedback from users, the status of documents and expired reviews. The product also supports bulk updates of document properties, for instance updating document owner when someone leaves the organization.

User Experience

For the successful implementation of a quality management solution, you will need to present a user-friendly experience. With Omnia, end-users can follow processes and subscribe to topics to receive personalized navigation and notifications when new or updated documents are published. You will be able to present new features and content using Omnia Tutorials and the product comes with the possibility to provide a customized search experience.

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