MBO facilitated and digital workplace fortified at Pulsen

Tech company Pulsen has consolidated and improved its digital workplace with a new Omnia-based intranet and document management system. While hiking employees’ flexibility and mobility, the new platform has made it easier to access internal information. Its accessibility, transparency and structure have also enhanced Pulsen’s ability to practice management by objectives, MBO.

– Our new cloud-based digital workplace offers improved accessibility, overview, structure, and clarity compared with the previous platform. Employees who are frequently working out of the office now find it much easier to access internal resources and documents. Internal communications are also better structured and more results-oriented, says Jonas Toftefors, Chief Digital Officer at Pulsen.

New platform for unified communication

The Pulsen Group is basically a tech company, but the Group is also active in other business areas such as real estate and construction, finance, restaurants and events. The Group consists of 12 companies and employs more than 1300 people. As a consequence of the scope and diversification of their operations, Pulsen required a communications platform capable of consolidating Group-wide communications while at the same time allowing each subsidiary to shape its own sub-intranet.

Up until the beginning of 2020, Pulsen’s internal communications platform mainly consisted of a custom-built Sharepoint-based intranet together with various meetings and communications tools, such as Teams and Yammer. The platform lacked a coherent structure while the intranet was out-of-date and costly to upgrade. Pulsen needed a standardized and easily managed cloud-based intranet platform. Omnia was their first choice.

– The previous platform just couldn’t meet our requirements any longer. Our intranet was simply out-of-date and unappealing. Teams and Yammer, which we had used in some parts of the Group, were good tools but with the intranet, they formed three isolated communications silos. This made it hard for our employees to keep track of all their conversations. The intranet ran on local servers and required VPN access outside the office, making it difficult to log on when you’re offsite. What we wanted was a smooth mobile experience and the ability to easily create company-specific subsites and integrate new e-services and tools on the intranet. Omnia fulfilled our requirements to the letter, Jonas emphasizes.

The new digital workplace and intranet were launched in early 2020. Today all self-service applications, internal communications, and collaboration tools are available via Pulsen’s unified platform. Users can now access Teams and Yammer via the intranet, and vice versa and new e-services are constantly being added to the site. It’s also just as easy to access the intranet and all of its resources when out of the office as it is when working onsite.

– The new platform has made it possible for us to effectively develop and integrate new Power Apps- and Sharepoint-based e-services on the intranet. We have, for instance, developed e-services for access management, for the ordering of computers, telephones, and access cards, and for several booking applications. Our employees have really appreciated the upgrade of the platform with the increased accessibility and modern interface, Jonas underlines.

Enhanced reliability and control

A new Omnia-based Document Management System has also been integrated into the digital workplace. This solution is an important element of Pulsen’s work in establishing more order and control of documents, improved standards and certifications compliance, and higher information security and reliability.

– With the new Document Management System we can ensure that employees always use or update the latest version of a document and that they select the right templates for the different types of documents. It helps us keep to a uniform structure and layout for all documents and makes it easy for our employees to do things correctly. The reliability of the information has also improved. This is because users are now assured that a document has been created by the right person using the right template and that it is the latest and only version, Jonas underscores.

With Omnia, Pulsen is developing a new Management System, which will be seamlessly integrated with the intranet and the Document Management System.

– When the new Management System has been implemented, it will constitute a cornerstone of our business, ensuring that we always faithfully pursue our process standards and certifications and that they are updated in a timely manner. This will guarantee the quality and security of every aspect of our operation, Jonas concludes.

Better informed organization

In addition to every subsidiary being able to create their own subsites, all information on the intranet is role-based and targeted. This makes it very easy for users to find, filter, and access relevant information.

– The improved management of information, increased accessibility and the adapted group calendars featured on the intranet’s start page have together ensured that our whole organization is now better informed about everything going on at Pulsen. It has also made it possible for us to work more actively with management by objectives, something that will boost employee engagement, Jonas predicts.


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