City of Malmö wins Gold at the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards

The Omnia Team congratulates Swedish municipality City of Malmö for being a Gold winner of the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards 2023 with their reinvented intranet KomIn.

In the fast-changing world of digital workplaces, the 'Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards' from Australia-based consultant company Step Two has been a global measure of excellence for 17 years. This year, two of the winners where the global appliance-leader Electrolux and the forward-thinking the City of Malmö, both using SharePoint and Omnia to create impressive solutions.

The Omnia Team wish to congratulate the City of Malmö, a Swedish government body with 28,000 employees, to their tremendous work in redesigning their intranet, KomIn. The ambitious project brought about a new era of user experience, information architecture, and extensive personalization, positioning KomIn as a beacon of success for organizations across the globe.

The intranet's facelift was not just a surface-level makeover; it encompassed a complete reimagination of the user experience, information architecture, and the infusion of extensive personalization. The launch marked a significant milestone, but it was just the beginning of a journey that prioritized continual improvement and ongoing engagement with end users.

One distinctive feature of this transformation was the extensive use of impact maps. These maps played a pivotal role in guiding the prioritization of new features and ensuring that the intranet's evolution remained closely aligned with the organization's strategic goals. In addition, the intranet team is spearheading the creation of a broader digital workplace impact map, complete with accompanying instructions. This resource is intended to empower other application owners across the organization to harness the power of impact mapping in their respective domains.

Other notable features that set KomIn apart has been:

  • User-Centric Design: A strong commitment to user involvement and engagement drove the initial design and continues to guide ongoing improvements. This user-centric approach has been integral to KomIn's resounding success.
  • Impact Mapping Excellence: The use of impact maps to communicate, plan, and prioritize the intranet and digital workplace activities resonated with the jury. This approach underscores a commitment to putting users at the forefront of decision-making.
  • Extending Influence: The creation of a wider impact map, designed to enable other application owners across the organization to embrace this technique, showcases the intranet team's commitment to extending its influence beyond the intranet.
  • Personalization Process: KomIn's extensive use of personalization stands out, catering to the diverse needs of its workforce and enhancing the user experience for all employees.
  • Content and Information Architecture: The City of Malmö invested in a comprehensive revamp of the content structure and information architecture, ensuring that information is not just accessible but also organized intuitively.
  • Organization-wide and Local content: The intranet successfully presents both organization-wide and local content in a seamless manner, enriching the user experience and enhancing collaboration across the organization.

Even more important than smart features and concepts is that there is tangible evidence that KomIn has been making a significant impact in terms of user satisfaction and adoption. It has become an integral tool for employees and contributes to a culture of continuous improvement.

The Omnia Team sees the City of Malmö’s Gold win as very well-deserved, and we see KomIn as a benchmark that organizations worldwide can use when planning and driving their next intranet initiative.

Read more about the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards 2023 from Step Two using this link. There is also a full case study that can be obtained on the awards web page.