Electrolux wins Gold at the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards 2023

The Omnia Team congratulates appliance giant Electrolux after their Gold win at the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards 2023 with their global intranet eGate.

In the dynamic world of intranets and digital workplaces, the ‘Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards’ – this year handed out for the 17th year by Australia-based consultant company Step Two – serve as a global benchmark for recognizing great intranets. In 2023, two outstanding winners emerged in the form of global appliance giant Electrolux and the forward-thinking Swedish municipality, City of Malmö, both of whom have harnessed the power of SharePoint and Omnia for their intranet solutions.

The Omnia Team wishes to congratulate Electrolux and their tremendous work in redesigning their global intranet, eGate. The awards jury has highlighted the extensive involvement of users and stakeholders as a key to the successful implementation. At an early stage, the project team established an expansive 'Early Influencers' group which has played a pivotal role in shaping the intranet's development. Their ongoing engagement, even ten months post-launch, underlines the intranet's enduring impact.

Another standout achievement of the eGate project is the meticulous attention given to content design. Content has been reimagined to align with user needs, ensuring that information is not just accessible but also highly relevant. Page templates have been thoughtfully crafted to provide a sense of familiarity to users transitioning from the old design.

eGate boasts several notable features that have earned it a place among the elite intranets of 2023

  • Extensive Personalization: The intranet welcomes users with a personalized news feed on the start page. Additionally, a 'My Stuff' dashboard offers a tailored experience that aligns with individual preferences and needs.
  • Enhanced Information Architecture: Electrolux has revamped the intranet's information architecture, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Multilingual Support: Given Electrolux's global footprint, eGate offers seamless support for multilingual content, fostering inclusivity across the organization.
  • 'Crossings' Posts: The 'Crossings' feature shines a light on personnel movements within the organization, fostering a sense of connectivity and awareness.
  • Jargon-Busting Dictionary: eGate features an innovative jargon-busting dictionary, simplifying complex terminology and promoting clear communication.

Even more important than smart features and concepts is that there is tangible evidence that eGate has been making a significant impact, transforming internal communications, driving adoption, and receiving very positive feedback from users in post-launch surveys.

The Omnia Team see Electrolux's Gold win as very well-deserved, and we see eGate as a beacon of intranet excellence that organizations worldwide can use as a lighthouse when navigation their next intranet initiative.

Read more about the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards 2023 from Step Two using this link. There is also a full case study that can be obtained on the awards web page.