New intranet ignites collaboration at Hillerød Municipality

Hillerød Municipality has built a new Microsoft 365- and Omnia-based intranet to support internal collaboration and communication better. The new platform has also enhanced the intranet’s findability properties, making it considerably easier for employees to navigate and find any type of information.

“We chose Omnia as it meets many of our requirements. The platform enables us to stimulate and facilitate online conversations among our employees and between the Municipality's various units”, says Ulla Less Andersen, Project Manager and Communication Consultant at Hillerød Municipality.

Improving citizen service with Omnia

Hillerød Municipality employs approximately 4,900 people. As the Municipality consists of many departments there is a great need for an efficient digital communication platform connecting the entire organization. Their previous set up consisted of various separate communication channels, which hampered internal communication and conversations. It was also difficult to efficiently structure and organize documents and other files in the previous solution and employees thought it challenging to find what they needed.

The Municipality wanted to endorse collaborations and conversations between colleagues and units and make it easier to find information and therefore decided to modernize the platform. They also wanted to integrate other SharePoint collaboration sites with the intranet. Hillerød Municipality chose Omnia, among other things, because it is a SharePoint-based solution and provides smart tools to build and efficiently manage an intelligent information structure.

“With Omnia, we will also be more flexible and mobile, which will help reduce the gap between our 400 employees who work in the City Hall and employees working in other municipal units. Furthermore, the platform facilitates efficient knowledge-sharing, helping us improve our service to Hillerød's citizens.”

User-friendly intranet makes employees happier

The new platform has made it easier for users to navigate and find relevant documents, policies, instructions, and other resources. A user survey conducted by the Municipality recently showed that employees were very satisfied with their new intranet and modernized digital workplace.

“The implementation project ran from April to September 2018. As expected, there have been some challenges getting to know the new platform, but since we were expertly coached by Omnia's consultants, it went smoothly. Our new intranet, called Hilda, has been well received by our employees”, Ulla Less Andersen notes and continues:

“Our survey shows that many consider the new intranet to be vibrant and user-friendly, and they are very positive about the new opportunities for internal dialogue and collaboration. We are still getting to know the platform, but my impression is that our editors are happy with Omnia too as they find it much easier to create, edit, and publish content today.”

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