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  • Improve productivity by trimming work hours

    Organizations have always been trying to boost productivity in all ways possible. Since studies show that putting in the extra hours doesn’t give the desired result – the message is don’t work more, work smarter.

    Collaboration, Digital Workplace

  • The corporate culture that drive employee engagement

    Building a corporate culture that drives employee engagement would be a success factor for any organization. In this blog post you will find five bullets on how you can implement such a culture using your intranet.

    Communication, Collaboration, Intranet, Digital Workplace

  • Omnia is once again top ranked in comprehensive report

    Omnia is once again top-ranked in the most comprehensive report on intranet in a box-products for Office 365 and SharePoint. The product got excellent reviews for a number of solution scenarios and provides market leading cost-effectiveness.

    User Experience, Intranet, Digital Workplace

  • Close the digital gap to frontline employees - 5 simple tips

    The majority of a company’s frontline work force is computer- and deskless. Learn how to close the digital gap and boost frontline employees’ engagement.

    User Experience, Intranet, Digital Workplace

  • Master class in internal communications - 5 easy lessons

    Most companies and organisations spend more money and put greater focus on external communications than on their internal communications. Eventually, there may not be anything left to communicate to the outside world…

    Communication, Intranet, Digital Workplace

  • Boost internal communications with a honey-coated intranet

    The ability to handle all communications using one single platform is truly fantastic. But it only works so long as your employees prefer the intranet to other tools and channels. If this isn’t the case, it may even prove to be a hindrance to internal communications.

    Communication, Intranet