Omnia helps STARCO create an easy-to-use intranet in Office 365

Sarah Möller Lundberg is the CCO of Danish company STARCO AS, a market leading wheels and tires company with international reach. Here she provides some feedback on why STARCO choose Omnia as a platform for establishing a new intranet in Office 365.

What triggered the initiative to establish a new intranet?

STARCO decided to establish a new intranet partly based on new strategies within the organization. A foundation going forward was to enhanced collaboration across organizational and geographic borders and that was one of the triggers for starting the intranet initiative.

Since the company have several customized solutions and know how much resources that often is needed to support those applications, they decided to realize an intranet solution that was based on standard products. Another important prerequisite was to look for products that seemed to deliver high value for money.

How did you go about when you started the project?

We started by contacting people and organizations in our personal networks to learn about their solutions and implementation products. Besides that, we bought the Buyers Guide from ClearBox that evaluates intranet in a box-products for SharePoint and Office 365.

We pinpointed the four products that came out with the best score and contacted them for a demo.

What made you choose Omnia as a platform for your new solution?

We got a good first impression of Omnia and then we went from there. We appreciated the smooth integration that Omnia have with the various services in Office 365 and there were some really nice features and concepts in their roadmap.

We also thought our implementation partner, Precio Fishbone, seemed credible and had vast experience of similar projects.

What can you say about the implementation project?

We took the decision in October, started the project in November and launched the solution in January. So, the time frame was really short, but everything went fine and we could introduce the new intranet to end-users according to our time plan.

Our implementation partner assisted with the technical part and STARCO personnel handled most of the content and structure.

How did you plan the launch and introduction of the solution?

At launch, our focus was on implementing Office 365 and driving usage of the Microsoft suite and we planned some training and made support resources available. So we started with a limited scope at launch and have scaled up somewhat after that.

What in the solution has been most valuable for your users?

With Omnia, our new intranet has been really easy to use and that has been important for winning user buy-in. I also think the integration between Omnia and Office 365 has served us well, especially regarding Microsoft Teams that we use a lot.

We have also implemented support for managing business documents and that has also been really valuable for the organization.

STARCO as an organization

STARCO is a B2B enterprise in the wheel and tire industry. The company has an international reach and have locations in Europe and China.

The organization was established in 1961 and are today considered market leaders within their industry, a growth made possible by a culture promoting passion for smart wheel and tire solutions.

STARCO specializes in low and high-volume standard and complete tailor-made wheel solutions, from small wheelbarrows to large agricultural and industrial machinery. Their customer segments are primarily equipment manufacturers and national distributors.