Semler Gruppen gears up on Omnia

Danish automotive and agricultural machinery company Semler Gruppen has built a new Omnia- and Microsoft 365-based intranet. The new solution enables a better way of working and has improved internal communication and collaboration across the group.

“We are happy with the result of our initiative and today we see users requesting new features that they want to see in our intranet. Our internal communication has improved, and Omnia and Microsoft 365 provide us with a much better toolbox”, says communication consultant Tommy Panduro.

Adopting Microsoft 365 and boosting communication simultaneously

Every fourth new car on Danish roads is supplied by Semler Gruppen, the largest player on Denmark's automotive market. The company employs more than 3000 people and imports, leases and sells cars such as VW, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, McLaren and Ducati. The company also sells agricultural machinery, including John Deere, Sulky and Väderstad, and offers mobility solutions such as car rental, autonomous vehicles and car subscription services.

Semler Gruppen sees a future where the market and consumption patterns are changing dramatically and is therefore investing heavily in future solutions to secure its leading position. Improving the digital workplace with modern and more efficient solutions is an important part of this strategy.

Semler Gruppen decided to invest in a new intranet, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365, to improve internal communication and collaboration. Tommy Panduro explains:

“We were looking for an intranet platform that would be easy to use for both users and editors. A solution that would facilitate effective communication throughout the organization and between the different parts of the company. One of the goals of the project and the new solution was also to introduce and drive the adoption of Microsoft 365 as a key part of our digital workplace.”

After a thorough product research, Semler Gruppen decided to build the new intranet on Omnia and staffed the project with Omnia experts from the Copenhagen office.

“Our collaboration was smooth and efficient. Omnia's experts also helped us with the design, structure and implementation of the intranet, as well as getting a number of Microsoft 365 services up and running. For a few months, we worked very closely together, but then our internal functions gradually started to take over responsibility for managing the solution.”

As the new solution was launched it was well received by the organization.

“But as with any change, users need some time and support to get familiar with new tools and new ways of working. However, we are pleased with the way the organization has embraced the solution and has now been able to terminate some legacy applications and Notes databases.”

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